Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 06 - "Favorite Super Hero & Why"

My favorite super hero - I don't have a favorite "super hero", but I can tell you a little about my hero.

My hero is an 80+ year old man, married to a beautiful & strong hearted woman. They live in a small TX town, where I spent part of my growing up days at. This man has seen it ALL, and has been through it all. From the great depression, to serving his time at Pearl Harbor the day it was bombed by the Japs, to living in Kuwait for "umpteen" years, to seeing 8 grand children & 2 great-grandchildren enter this world, after having a FULL knee replacement in his 70's - well, you get my point. He's done it all!

My hero and his wife have been there for EVERY single one of their kids & grandkids, and held their hands when they needed him to. He is the first to be at your side when you call and need help with something, ANYTHING for that matter.

My hero can fix ANYTHING! From a toy car to an actual car & anything in between!

For kids, he's a best friend. He'll let you drive his lawn mower & tractor around his 10 acres, scratch your back when you want him to, buy you anything with just a sweet, innocent smile :0) & play board games with you until 1 AM!

I could talk about my hero for HOURS, DAYS, YEARS, because that's how great of a man, husband, father, Grandad, Great-Grandad, friend...that's how awesome my Hero is.

My hero is my Grandad, Raymond Donald Hull - "Buddy"

I love this man more than any other man walking this earth right now & would be very lost without him.
*(Please don't confuse this with not loving my husband and son, because I do, and of course they are heroes in my eyes, as well.)

 Grandad with a handful of his Granddaughters, including myself.
Grandad holding baby Aidan's hands.

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