Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 03 of "30 Days of Me" - A Picture of You & Your Friends

Well, this post was a little tough. Number 1. I can't pick just ONE picture of me and my friends & Number 2. I live in Italy & don't have many recent pictures of/with my friends from back home. BUT, I pulled out some older one's. Enjoy!

Ciao, Ciao for now!

**ATTN friends from back home: If you read this & don't see your picture on here, it does NOT mean that I don't love you still & that I'm not your friend anymore ;0]**

The first two uploaded photos are of my sisters, minus 3, & myself (top) & of one of my older sisters & my closest younger sister (bottom).

I could NOT live without these ladies. No matter what the situation may be, each and every one of them ALWAYS ALWAYS have helpful advice or a crying shoulder or a hysterical laugh for me! I love, love, love them more than life itself!

My girls from back home <3

Each & everyone of these girls knows a secret about me. We have all been friends since JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL, some of us earlier than that. I know, without a doubt, that no matter what, one of these girls needs somebody, the other, if not all of them, are there for her! We have TONS of fun together & I have NO clue how life would have been had I not known them. :0]

 Annastasha Coel Stoddard
My VERY FIRST best friend after moving to Chico in the 6th grade - met her in the 8th.
Man, words can't describe our relationship! We're more along the lines of that friendship that turned into a sisterhood. Ups & downs, & turn-a-rounds, we're still friends no matter what. I love her so so much!

Easton Hunter! And myself
The FIRST male best friend I have EVER had. This guy is open ears to ANYONE who needs somebody. He has the BIGGEST & KINDEST heart of any man I have ever known. He is VERY hard-working, smart, & funny, dedicated family man who deserves someone just as special as him. Love him so much!

My sister, Mel & her man, Danny
I am not real sure this post has enough room for the storybook I could read to you all about these two. They do deserve some recognition for being 2 of the few people that were there for me during my pregnancy. I have had MUCH FUN with this crazy couple since they started dating 5 years(?) ago! Love them to pieces!
 Mel & I 
My baby sister who I look up too.
Not sure I want to write too much about her because I could bust into tears, so we'll leave it at the fact that she is an amazing woman, strong, kind-hearted, & has been there through so much. Sisters make the best of friends for a girl, no doubt!

My step-mom, Barbara
A mother of SEVEN!
And one of the BEST mom's I have ever known. 'Nuff said.
EDIT!: Adding Aaron! :0]
Even though EVERYONE already knows how much of my best friend he is because I talk of it daily & nightly, ;0]
Aaron & Brandy - Aaron FRESH out of Basic Training

Aaron & Brandy circa February 2007, months after seeing each other

Helping the Chief of Aaron's squadron tack his new rank on him!

Fat Kid Kisses ;0]

Aaron & I weeks after moving to Italy

Hmmm, well, I won't be going into detail on this post due to the fact that he's my husband, & all of you reader's out there know how much of a best friend a husband really is, & all of you reader's from back home already know what this guy means to me! I love him very very much & would be more than lost without him & our beautiful baby boy!

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