Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 09- Something I Am Proud of In The Past Few Days

Something I am proud of in the past few days. Hmm...There's a few, so I'll share ALL ;o)

Pride #1 - Aidan feeds himself with utensils out of his own dish now! He's been doing it for a while, but I think I've forgotten to mention it.

Pride #2 - I made an AWESOME "thrown-together" Cajun Chicken-Three Cheese Tortellini last week! It ROCKED Aaron's taste buds so I added it to my arsenal! ;o)

Pride #3 - I found out today that my older sister Morgan is giving me yet ANOTHER nephew! I'm feeling an "all-boys" generation coming, considering my older sister Tara had a boy, I had a boy, now Morgan is having a boy... LOVE IT!

Pride #4 - I've caught myself "biting my tongue" in LOTS of situations lately - Online, in public, on the phone... For me, that's good!

Pride #5 - I started my "photography", AGAIN, and was very proud to come out with some almost professional looking photos last week!

Pride #6 - I FINALLY got ONE room of my house swept AND mopped this morning! YES! GO ME!

Okay, that's enough for now!

Ciao, Ciao!

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